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The Surgery Ken had is called

The Ross Procedure

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Ken's Operation: The Doctor's Notes (Courtesy Dr. P. Stelzer)
These are the notes that Dr. Stelzer wrote up following Ken's Surgery. (Doctors "Op Notes")

1) Ken's status Day 2 (first Update)
Wednesday 9/16/98 7:00 pm

2) The Day After (second Update)
Thursday 9/17/98 11:45 pm
3) Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
(Third Update) Saturday 9/19/98 02:15 am
4) Not in Kansas Anymore!
(4th Update) Saturday 9/19/98 10:15 pm
5) A note from Ken
Sunday 9/20/98 11:10 pm
6) A Very Quick Update!
Monday 9/21/98 9:45 pm
7) They're Here! The pictures, that is!
Wednesday 9/23/98 11:45 pm
8) Oil Can! Oil Can! Ken's update!
Sunday 10/04/98 11:45 pm
9) We're off to see The Wizard of Hearts! (Dr. Stelzer)
Friday 10/30/98 3:00 pm
10) The Tin-Man Cometh!
Wednesday 01/20/99 1:00 pm
NEW 11) Out of the woods - and doing well!
Wednesday 5/26/99 9:00 pm

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TinMan    Why DID Ken need Surgery?    TinMan

He HAD a Bicuspid aortic valve - what is that?
  • Bicuspid aortic valve — The normal aortic valve has three flaps, or cusps, that open and close. A biscupid valve has only two flaps, rather than three. There may be no symptoms in childhood, but by adulthood (often middle age or older) the valve can become stenotic (narrowed), making it harder for blood to pass through it, or regurgitant (allowing blood to leak backward through it). Treatment depends on how well the valve functions.

  • People with bicuspid aortic valve, before and after treatment, are at risk for getting an infection within the aorta or the heart valves (endocarditis). To help prevent this, they'll need to take antibiotics before certain dental and surgical procedures.


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