From Ken,
Just thought I’d give a quick update myself, since Larry has been doing all the work on this, and I finally have a day to myself. It’s Sunday night, and a lovely Sunday in New York it’s been - the kind I’ve been hoping for for months, and never had a chance to enjoy. You might know it would take open heart surgery to slow me down!

I took a shower all on my own today, and it felt good. The great people at the hospital told me to keep the incision open to the air so it would heal better. So I napped a little today, read a little, watched a little TV (I can’t wait to get my own channels back), and talked to friends on the phone. Tomorrow, Larry and I go see the surgeon again, and hopefully Dr. Stelzer will give us the green light to go home. I don’t see why he shouldn’t, because I feel okay - of course there is pain, but not unbearable, and the Tylenol with codeine doesn’t hurt there either. I think the dogs, when we get home, will be a challenge, but we’ll overcome, and I look forward to sitting in front of my victrola and listening to all the records I’ve never been able to hear - and getting better.

In the very near future, I shall, through the agency that made this all possible, be writing to and thanking the family of the person whose kind donation of his pulmonic valve has given me the one that now resides in my very proud (yet kind of ugly looking) chest. I think I’ve become a lifelong advocate of organ donation - very quickly. More on this soon.

That’s all for now, thanks for listening and your good wishes and my best wishes back to you all.

Please keep checking back, because I promise that there WILL be more!
More pictures will be on this site next week

Stay tuned for more...

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