The Tin-Man Gets his Heart

Second Update

Surgery is OVER and Ken drives all the nurses crazy!
After Ken got the breathing tube out he wouldn't stop talking, and today he was actually singing. One of the nurses, whose name is Dinah got serenaded by Ken singing her name. I don't know which song but it sure wasn't "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah".

Ken has a few words for the Cardiac Surgical ICU nursing staff, specifically his three "primary nurses" Annie, Maria and Dinah.
And we can't forget Sharon, Leonida and all the rest (Ken apologizes for not remembering everyone's name, but he was on drugs!)

Oh, and Monique, we are very happy about your "Internet Debut" and we are sorry that the camera wasn't working today!
And Dinah, We will be back with the camera!

On to the Tin-Man's adventures:
  • Ken got a chest X-Ray from Underneath (whatever that means)
  • He was out of bed and sitting in a chair
  • The physical therapist said "You're in Damn Good Shape"! (or so Ken says)
  • He had his first solid food (since the night before) and he kept it down - He ate about 1/8 roll and some jell-o
    But Ken said he might as well be eating styrofoam, because he can't taste much after having the tube down his throat
  • And Maria gave him a sponge-bath

Kyle had to leave, she has to get SOME work done, and Ken wants everyone to know how much HE LOVES HER AND THANKS HER FOR EVERYTHING!
Kyle says that she is getting the pictures developed and e-mailed to her so they will (hopefully) be on this website by Monday or Tuesday

Ken would like to thank Dawn Cashman (Hot-Locks Hair Studio) for cutting his hair nice and short, because he's been in bed for two days and his hair looks "Fabulous"!

To All of his co-workers at MicroWarehouse:
"I hope the PROD is going well, because you won't believe what they are "prodding" me with here!"

Ken has been moved to a private room in the "Step Down" Unit at about 1:30 pm and is very comfortable

He has a whole new crew of nurses to bother (Stephanie, Jackie, Toni, Ruth and Kathy)
Just wait until I get my camera fixed

Dr. Stelzer has made many appearances checking on Ken and he keeps saying how well Ken is doing. (Actually I think he's just trying to get mentioned on this web page again, but don't tell him I said that)

Dr. Stelzer has made a great impression with Ken's Parents - His Father said that he is a "Real Gentleman" -- and I agree

To all of the staff: Is he (Dr. Stelzer) always that friendly and nice, or is he just trying to get favorable mention on this webpage?

To Liza and Barbra (and Matt, Kim, Baby Boath and Dana): Your flowers are beautiful, and they arrived only 5 minutes after Ken checked into his private room.

Thank you to Dorothy (Ken's Sister) for getting him a glass of water and then some ice!
And Linda (his other sister) didn't do much!
Ken says "Hi" to Tommy and Louie (his brothers-in-law)

All pictures will be on this site next week

Stay tuned for more...

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