They're Here!
The long-awaited pictures!

What do you do while you are waiting for someone to get out of surgery?
And what do you do when they get out of surgery?

<== This picture was taken just about 3 hours after surgery, and only about an hour or so after ken had his breathing tube removed.
Annie and Monique, along with the worldwide debut of the Tin-Man's "new" heart (slightly covered by bandages).

These ladies are the GREATEST! - Thank you both for making Ken so comfortable!
And this guy isn't so bad himself!

This is Dr. Paul Stelzer, Ken's Surgeon!

Ken was on so many drugs at this point, he thought it was the TV Repairman.

Now that you've seen some of the "after" pictures,
How about some "before" photos?

This is Ken the night before surgery!
Doesn't he look nervous? NOT!

How do you go about getting the hair off of your chest when you aren't allowed to use a razor?

Ken couldn't use a razor so that he wouldn't cut himself.

Isn't that Ironic?

Here is Ken getting ready to leave for surgery. Saying goodbye to his mother

And walking to the elevator with his sister

Please keep checking back, because I promise that there WILL be more!

Stay tuned for more...

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