The "LONG-AWAITED" Pictures

semi-Third Update - more to follow

Dr. Stelzer (Ken's surgeon), was kind enough to lend me his digital camera, in order to speed up the process of getting some pictures onto this website.

So without further ado, I offer proof positive that the "Tin-Man" is doing well!

This is the man who made everything possible, along with one very satisfied customer!!

Dr. Stelzer took the following picture of Ken after Ken's echocardiogram on Friday afternoon.

(Notice that the quality is much better than the others , as I am still figuring out the camera.)

Here is a picture of Ken and Tom Haupt, one of Ken's nurses.

(I told you that your picture would be here!)

And a note to all of the other nurses who were "forced" to put up with me and my camera:
I'm sorry that those pictures aren't developed yet, but I promise that they will be here by Tuesday!

This is a picture that Dr. Stelzer took:

You try to figure out what it is!
Actually, it is a picture of Ken's echocardiogram.

Here is a picture of Ken giving the "thumbs up" after he had ALL of the tubes removed.

Doesn't he look HAPPY?

And finally, here is a picture of Ken and I

Please keep checking back, because I promise that there WILL be more!

More pictures will be on this site next week

Stay tuned for more...

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