Passing with Flying Colors!

Hi folks – just let me say that the concern and love and encouragement Larry and I have received in the past few days has been – again – overwhelming. I cannot thank you enough. It’s been a pretty incredible ride – having heart surgery really is like being hit by a train, but the speed of my recovery process has been more than encouraging in my case. From the breathing tube coming out (no fun at ALL!) and getting up and walking the day after, the progress was steady. When they started taking out the chest tubes (which drained fluids from my heart and lungs), my pain level dropped and my comfort and mobility increased exponentially. I’m getting around on my own now – I just did three laps around the unit (I’ve been on the step-down floor since yesterday afternoon), and my breathing and all the numbers have stabilized and are excellent. The appetite is coming back. My surgeon just came in, and he said if things continue in the way they’ve been going, I’ll be going home tomorrow. I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed again (I’m not sure how Larry feels about it!). When I can get a shower, I’ll feel even more like myself. And you know, there are people here who are much older and frailer than I am, and to see how they’ve forged through this process…. Well, they’re real heroes. As are all the folks who work in the step-down unit; they’ve all been great. So I’m ready to start the slow and steady process of getting back to normal – and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you.

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